The Please Touch Museum, March 2013


Another blast from the past! Suzanne and Kirk were married a while ago now in March of 2013 at the Please Touch Museum. I cannot stress enough how much fun the Please Touch is for a wedding venue! Suzanne managed to get it during their Alice in Wonderland exhibit which was fantastic. There are so many spots for some really unique photos and a carousel to ride (and have your ceremony in front of!).

Suzanne’s flowers were all about color, texture, and uniqueness. For her and her maids, Suzanne had gathered tons of broaches to have made into bouquets. The variety of textures, colors, and styles really worked together for a very eclectic look. The boutonnieres were bright orange freesia with seeded eucalyptus for texture and bright blue ribbon around the stems.

The centerpieces matched the boutonnieres in shades of orange and bright blue. Rather than the standard green leaf lining the glass vase, we used blue ribbon (again matching with the boutonnieres) to bring even more color to the centerpieces. The centerpiece flowers were orange gerbera daisies, blue irises, orange pincushion protea (texture!), orange cymbidium orchids, orange lilies, Santana roses (one of my favorites) and blue agapanthus.

This wedding was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing something a little different for the bouquets, hopefully this trend continues!

Check out our facebook page for some more unusual bouquets, like the button bouquet and the vegetable bouquet!

All photos used with permission from Shari DeAngelo Photography.